Blind Kenny Powersports Photography | About
"BlindKenny" is a professional powersports photography business owned and operated by Ken and Donna Behm.

The question we get the most is “How did you get the name 'Blind Kenny?”.
Years ago there was a vintage Muddy Waters 33 rpm record up for auction online. We needed a screen ID for our account. Because we met due to blues music and both love the blues, Donna suggested "Blind Kenny" in tribute to all the old singers and players like "Blind Lemon" Jefferson and "Blind" Blake.

Photography had been a long time passion of ours. After a series of “happy happenstances” in 2010, we decided to build a business on things we both love - photography, people, motorcycles and sports cars. So BlindKenny Powersports Photography was born.

The business started operations in August 2010 with a tremendous response from you! We photograph bicyclists, motorcycle riders and sports car drivers out enjoying their ride on NC 80.

Our photography captures a unique moment in time from a perspective most riders and drivers never get to see - themselves and their machines performing as one out having fun. We don’t know who enjoys it more, the riders and drivers OR us!

We shoot on one of the best kept secrets for sports cars and motorcycles in Western North Carolina - The Devil's Whip/NC 80. (Bicyclists have known about it for years due to "The Assault on Mt Mitchell'!) You’ll find both of us with our yellow and black signs a half mile south of Buck Creek Gap and the BRP. We’re out rain or shine (unless it’s an all day, torrential downpour) from morning until dark, almost all year long, as long as we think YOU’RE out.

We love what we do and do what we love - You can’t ask for more than that!
We hope you enjoy the "RIDE" as much as we do!!!